10 Steps For Wafer Reclaiming Work

The ten steps followed help make contributions towards financial savings and sustainability of goods, services and manufacturing work. These ten steps are part of the industrial process used by wafer reclaiming services‘ ability to resource rejected wafers several times over. It is not unusual for this work to supply its customers with thousands of new wafers in a single day. The turnaround objective allows this service to be of use to global markets.

All customers who are beneficiaries of this systems achieve cost savings through cost containments and their use of a centralized inventory control system. Further, they are able to meet their monthly budgetary requirements through the use of a developed computer based management system. Ongoing engagement with the above-noted service allows for technical solutions to be provided for all matters arising.

wafer reclaiming services

The wafer reclaiming process begins with the receiving of the used goods. It ends with a final quality control check before delivery of the finished goods is arranged. Following the receipt of the used goods, an inspection of the goods will be carried out. Thereafter, there will be phases of presorting, stripping, etching, polishing, cleaning, spinning and drying work. In-between these tasks, quality assurance work will continue. 

The nature of the QA work varies in accordance with the processes being carried out. Quality assurance work includes the visual inspection of wafers. An incoming inspection looks at the PCA count and the condition of the used wafers prior to any processing work beginning. Incoming wafers need to be presorted in order to remove existing patterns and films. The polishing work delivers a prime test wafer surface.

And only a few microns are removed through the low removal polishing technologies utilized. And during the cleaning and drying work, all remaining particles have to be removed.